Our Story

Welcome to Tabrizi Bakery! Established in 1991, Tabrizi Bakery is the first Iranian bakery in the Northeast of the U.S. Owner and baker, Mohammad, or as his customers call him "Agha Tabrizi" was born in Tabriz and later moved to Tehran. He grew up in the family bakery business and uses all the original recipes that were passed from generation to generation. 


Customers from all over the U.S order from Tabrizi and several shops in New York carry his products. 



We are proud to bring a taste of home to Watertown. 





Mohammad has been recognized by the Public Radio Kitchen who did a piece "Perfectly Persian at Tabrizi Bakery".


He has also been recognized by the Phantom Gourmet who has called Tabrizi Bakery a "hidden jewel".  


Another piece was published on the Harvard Crimson website, "At Kosher Persian Bakery, Baker Continues Family Tradition". 


He also had a piece in the Boston Globe, "Soft, sweet dates are ripe with tradition: Demand rises during month of Ramadan".